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By request of our customers N&A designed a Tennessee Style Mule Harness with chain traces & Lone Star Hames. Also available with bio tugs.
Plain Harness does not include strap going from breeching to hame.
SS breast chain used on Mule Harness unless otherwise specified.
All harnesses now include Stainless Steel Heel Chain.

Measuring Chart

Mule Bridle Measurements
- Mouth to Mouth

Draft 54-64
Cross 48-56
Haflinger 42-50
Pony 36-43

Standard Harness Measurements for Team Harness

  Corner to corner of mouth Brow Band Girth Over Loin Breeching Body
Haflinger 40-48 17" 72-100 44-54 44
Cross 45-52 18 ½" 80-108 50-64 48
Draft 50-56 20" 86-112 54-68 50

Farm Spot: Spots on the backpad, hip and front of bridle.

Heavy Spot: Same as Medium Spot plus, spots around the edge of the blinds, on hip & rib straps. (Pretty much everywhere possible.)